We are WAJA Entertainment

WAJA ENTERTAINMENT is a dynamic Film and Tv content production company, founded by White Adeniyi a renowned Cinematographer and formed with the objective of balancing between the creative and business side of video production such as: Documentary, Film, TV commercials, Musical Video, Tv game show and Event. With our wealth of experience, we are working with young talents to bring new energy to Nigeria and beyond.


We are engineers of superior imagery

 Officially launched in July 2013 by new generation professionals with background in cinematography, information technology, directing, marketing, distribution and extensive network connections both locally and internationally. WAJA ENTERTAINMENT aims to combine creative talent with alternative resources in financing & distribution and produce content suitable for nationwide audiences. Our services include; Movie Production, commercials, music videos, graphics and animation and so much more.


We believe in the positive power of the media

As a video production company, we understand the power and influence that media wields. As content producers and developers, we have a moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that the messages that we promote, directly or indirectly, will not have a negative impact on society. As a commitment to our desire to use video production for the betterment of society, we reserve the right to choose not to work with clients or organizations that may promote negative, unethical or immoral images or messages.


We are ready to bring your next creative project to life.

 Do you have a creative idea that requires professionalism, creativity and high quality hardware? If yes, then WAJA Entertainment is the place to turn to.

We are ready if you are.


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